Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shannon VS Rocky

Snowed in for several days (atlanta) and i'm not going to say I didn't work out, but I am going to say, I didn't miss a meal... or a snack!
Being snowed in, well, this involves a different kind of workout... a very relaxed, i'll get-to-it-tomorrow type of workout. Hell, I didn't shower until day four, people!
A decent workout promotes a shower, and I wasn't going to let that happen!
A nice hot shower is great, but then it's cold when you step out, you have to blow dry your hair before you freeze to death with a wet head, then you have to get dressed... and assuming you'd be wearing a different/clean outfit, now you're just promoting more laundry to do. Honestly, who wants that?
Two rules of snow days: just keep adding deodorant & don't eat the kitchen!
Guilt and some body odor set in today, so I worked out and showered!
My meals weren't necessarily 'bad', they were just excessive and 'non-portioned.' A successful meal is not only on the healthier side, but smartly portioned. One of my 'no-no' meals was egg salad. Why it was a 'no-no' meal was because I apparently wanted a 'snack' as I was watching the Biggest Loser, Tuesday night.... I ate all the egg salad I had made!!! Out of the bowl! Yes, with fork, not my fingers! No bread needed! (I didn't think I needed the extra carbs) Don't laugh, but I was thinking about Rocky Balboa, as I was watching the Biggest Loser, and eating my six-egg salad... out of the bowl... with a fork. Like when Rocky ate his eggs.... well, drank his eggs, his raw eggs, from a glass.... almost the same thing..... I too, like Rocky, was wearing my sweats! However, unlike Rocky Balboa, I wasn't going on a 4am run, and had a remote control in my hand. In that moment, i felt like a winner! I ate that six-egg salad out of a bowl, with a fork, like a champion!!! I'm pretty sure I would have made Mr. Balboa nervous!
That was the only BAD BAD BAD naughty, 'no-no' moment to confess to.
I did drink lots of water, had some oranges, bananas, Fiber One blueberry muffins, fish, chicken breast, lots of broccoli, sweet potato, some veggies and pasta too. Enjoyed some Triscuits and yummy rosemary focaccia sticks by New York Style and yes, one Pepsi every day! Hey, you snow me in... I'm going to cave! I'm just proud I only had one a day.
Today was the day that I moved and worked out the most.
The ice and snow are gradually melting, so tomorrow will be a better day.
I will challenge myself this week, and we'll see what the scale says on Friday the 21st. I'd weigh myself now, but the six-egg salad thinks it's too soon! And I agree!


  1. LOVE IT! If the worst you ate was egg salad - high five girl!! Katie baked while we were snowed in - we had molten chocolate cakes, coffee cake, peppermint bark. But I haven't been able to eat since yesterday with this stupid ear ache making my jaw and mouth hurt. Maybe a few pounds will have come off when I decide to check the scale!! I'm just glad the damn snow is finally melting and we can have access to our roads again!! : ) Talk to you later gator, I'm going back to bed now!!

  2. Okay.... WOW! If I ate all that, I would need a wider doorframe... or a team of experts to assist me out the window with a crane. My belly would actually reject all that, it's been enjoying healthier food for a little while now.