Sunday, January 2, 2011

Good Nap! Good Workout!

Yes!!! I went to the gym!!! I did 20 min on the elliptical and worked out on several different machines; left sweaty... which is always a good thing!
My power nap was quite powerful, almost 2 full hours worth of ZZZzzzzs. I woke refreshed and rejuvenated, just as I thought I would. Four other people must have been feeling 'refreshed' too, as I wasn't the only one there.
Going back for round two tonight. No doubt there will be more than four people there. Weekend guilt fills the gym a little more on Sunday and Monday nights, Monday night being the busier. My guilty pleasure today was a fried chicken breast. Breakfast was a clementine and 1/2 a Zone Bar, lunch was a fried chicken breast and 1/2 cola and dinner was chicken and veggies with pasta. Water throughout the day. I'll have some cottage cheese and blueberries when I get home from the gym. I actually really like cottage cheese! Breakstone's, Large Curd!!! YUM!
Baby steps, kids!!!
Scale at gym read 226.6....... All three times I got on it! It took three times to finally come to terms that the scale was NOT broken! No.... I did not pout, panic or cry. Now... if on January 31st, the scale reads 226.6... I can't promise anything!

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