Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Flat-Chested Triangle, a shape not yet sung about on Sesame Street!

So yes, I weighed in on the 21st of January. The scale made its way to 219.4.

However, here I am in the middle of a heavy period and I feel as though I weigh 246 once again. What a roller coaster! It's said that women are more moody and more emotional creatures then men... Gee, I wonder why?

Is it disrespectful that I'm wondering if my God isn't an overweight woman? I say this because, what I do know is that, at least among women, fat friends don't like their fat friends to lose weight! Sure, they smile and offer well wishes on the outside... if their Mothers' raised them right. But, on the inside, they're sitting in a Krispy Kreme having a major meltdown.

My weight is gradually coming down; the inches too, are also coming off. Inches off my bra size! This is NOT where I need the inches to come off! I do think my God is a fluffy female, because if I do put a few pounds back on, like this week for example, the inches don't return to the boobage. The inches always seem to find a new place to call home, on my ass. I look like a flat-chested, wide-load triangle. Just not as pointy. Only a fluffy female would do that to another fluffy female. If my God were a man, it would surely be the other way around. Most men like a bigger top and a smaller bottom. The best thing about my God? My God allowing me to have such a peculiar, borderline controversial, sense of humor.

I will make my God proud on Monday, January 31st, when my flat-chested, triangular body gets on the scale. Through this glorious period, may the three digits read 219 or less!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shannon VS Rocky

Snowed in for several days (atlanta) and i'm not going to say I didn't work out, but I am going to say, I didn't miss a meal... or a snack!
Being snowed in, well, this involves a different kind of workout... a very relaxed, i'll get-to-it-tomorrow type of workout. Hell, I didn't shower until day four, people!
A decent workout promotes a shower, and I wasn't going to let that happen!
A nice hot shower is great, but then it's cold when you step out, you have to blow dry your hair before you freeze to death with a wet head, then you have to get dressed... and assuming you'd be wearing a different/clean outfit, now you're just promoting more laundry to do. Honestly, who wants that?
Two rules of snow days: just keep adding deodorant & don't eat the kitchen!
Guilt and some body odor set in today, so I worked out and showered!
My meals weren't necessarily 'bad', they were just excessive and 'non-portioned.' A successful meal is not only on the healthier side, but smartly portioned. One of my 'no-no' meals was egg salad. Why it was a 'no-no' meal was because I apparently wanted a 'snack' as I was watching the Biggest Loser, Tuesday night.... I ate all the egg salad I had made!!! Out of the bowl! Yes, with fork, not my fingers! No bread needed! (I didn't think I needed the extra carbs) Don't laugh, but I was thinking about Rocky Balboa, as I was watching the Biggest Loser, and eating my six-egg salad... out of the bowl... with a fork. Like when Rocky ate his eggs.... well, drank his eggs, his raw eggs, from a glass.... almost the same thing..... I too, like Rocky, was wearing my sweats! However, unlike Rocky Balboa, I wasn't going on a 4am run, and had a remote control in my hand. In that moment, i felt like a winner! I ate that six-egg salad out of a bowl, with a fork, like a champion!!! I'm pretty sure I would have made Mr. Balboa nervous!
That was the only BAD BAD BAD naughty, 'no-no' moment to confess to.
I did drink lots of water, had some oranges, bananas, Fiber One blueberry muffins, fish, chicken breast, lots of broccoli, sweet potato, some veggies and pasta too. Enjoyed some Triscuits and yummy rosemary focaccia sticks by New York Style and yes, one Pepsi every day! Hey, you snow me in... I'm going to cave! I'm just proud I only had one a day.
Today was the day that I moved and worked out the most.
The ice and snow are gradually melting, so tomorrow will be a better day.
I will challenge myself this week, and we'll see what the scale says on Friday the 21st. I'd weigh myself now, but the six-egg salad thinks it's too soon! And I agree!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Loss of Pounds with a Side Order of Lost Inches Please!

Eleven days into our New Year, and as Dr Phil would ask, "How's that workin' for ya?"
The to-do list is in my head, but the execution has been a struggle. However, because I know the outcome will be a positive one, I persevere. As blogged previously, I am a work in process. And what a process it is!
Scale is lower, but still reading a very "Biggest Loser" number of 224.8.
Clothes are fitting differently. Someone said, "You're losing inches right now, not pounds." And though I appreciate the insight, and I appreciate that the clothes are fitting differently and loosely... I want to see a loss of pounds WITH my 'loss of inches.' Yes, that's what I would like to order.... "A loss of pounds with a side order of lost inches please!"
I'm still trying to figure out where to 'order' some anti-gravity! Gravity is just evil! Nature's way of reminding you that you're no longer in your twenties, or even your thirties. What I am learning though... no matter what your age.... working out is essential. Essential for the body and the mind. What I am also learning too, is that you can't remedy and restore a body you let go to Hell, overnight. My current body was not an overnight train wreck. So, I need to remind myself daily, that conditioning it, restoring it, working it to its maximum potential, will also not happen overnight.
I often think of what God would say to me when we met. Would He say, "Look at you, you're a Hot Mess. I give this body to you, and this is how you treat it!" Or would She say, "I don't think you look all that bad, besides, I gave you a beautiful face!"
I gave a friend two different size frying pans for Christmas. But, then I found myself putting a disclosure on them by saying, "Wash them by hand, they'll go bad in the dishwasher." That's like me giving my son a new bottle of cologne, but then telling him, "Only spray it once or twice, or you're just wasting it." Never happened..... but still, who am I to 'disclose' anything? If I were to give him cologne, I probably would say that. Well, he is twenty-two now, so maybe not. The frying pan recipient is thirty-six. So....... Whatever....... Okay, maybe I have 'disclosure' issues. I'd rather just call it a Barbara-ism! (you'll need to read previous blogs for that one, people)
Life's lessons are our own disclosures. The choices we make, and the lessons we both grow from and learn from, allow us to evolve into the person we are truly to be. And if you can't laugh along the way, then you're not really enjoying the ride. If you can't make light of things that are dark, or you can't see that the glass is really half full, then you've not learned any lessons...... yet. But, maybe in time... in time you will.
I joke with my God being a He or a She, but whether a He or a She, I know that when we meet, God will be able to say, "I'm so glad you figured it all out, but what took you so long?"

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Good Nap! Good Workout!

Yes!!! I went to the gym!!! I did 20 min on the elliptical and worked out on several different machines; left sweaty... which is always a good thing!
My power nap was quite powerful, almost 2 full hours worth of ZZZzzzzs. I woke refreshed and rejuvenated, just as I thought I would. Four other people must have been feeling 'refreshed' too, as I wasn't the only one there.
Going back for round two tonight. No doubt there will be more than four people there. Weekend guilt fills the gym a little more on Sunday and Monday nights, Monday night being the busier. My guilty pleasure today was a fried chicken breast. Breakfast was a clementine and 1/2 a Zone Bar, lunch was a fried chicken breast and 1/2 cola and dinner was chicken and veggies with pasta. Water throughout the day. I'll have some cottage cheese and blueberries when I get home from the gym. I actually really like cottage cheese! Breakstone's, Large Curd!!! YUM!
Baby steps, kids!!!
Scale at gym read 226.6....... All three times I got on it! It took three times to finally come to terms that the scale was NOT broken! No.... I did not pout, panic or cry. Now... if on January 31st, the scale reads 226.6... I can't promise anything!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

1 Down, 364 More To Go!

Hello 2011!
I am so happy to see you!
Grocery trip today was a good one. The only flaw was that I did spend over my $25 week budget. ($25 for food; not dog food, paper towels, deodorant, etc) And, I had no coupons to use. I primarily shopped the perimeter (which coupons are seldom valid) and did buy several sale items.
MEAT: (on sale) Sirloin Tip Roast, (on sale) 4ct Tilapia Fillets, (bogo) Gourmet Chicken Sausage-Sweet Italian Flavor. PRODUCE: fresh strawberries & portabella mushrooms. GROCERY:(bogo) Starkist Albacore Tuna, 1 can (store brand)Cream of Mushroom Soup, Success Brown Rice & (store brand) Instant Onion Soup Mix. I did buy 2 other items, but have since reconsidered. In my moment of weakness, I bought the last bag of peanut M&Ms (reduced from Christmas) and a very small box of sugar, shortbread cookies (also reduced from Christmas). I will be returning both tomorrow. It's way too early in the game to be so weak. Though I thought I could pace myself with them, i think we know differently since the Bugles confession. (please see previous blog for details)
Less the returns, $31.50 spent. Oops... I forgot to buy milk, bananas and egg whites! Darn it, back up to $35.
I have great, (somewhat) healthy staples already.... my SMALL pantry contains: 5 boxes of Raisin Bran Crunch, 4 boxes of Rosemary & Olive Oil Triscuits, a few cans of Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup (tis cold & flu season), Jif Creamy Peanut Butter, a few Dole Fruit Gels, Toufayan Bagel Thins, Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Emerald Dry Roasted Almonds, Sunsweet Ones (prunes), Aunt Nellie's Pickled Beets and Toufayan Wheat Pitettes. Some clementines, fresh carrots, fresh blueberries, fresh sweet potatoes and frozen veggies. And yes, 'in case of emergency' Pepsi and flavored organic teas (for good measure).
It will be a great week! A productive week!
You're probably asking, "Are you going to list EVERYTHING you buy?" I'm not sure yet. But, my goals are set and LATER when the pounds are no longer attached, and you ask, "How did you do it?" This portion of the answer will have already been shared.
The gym? Lesson learned. I should have gone this morning, when I was trying to catch up on my sleep. However, I will power nap over the next hour and decide then. It's 7:45pm... I think the power nap will rejuvenate. Goodnight for now.... I'll catch up AfTeR and confess it all!