Friday, July 22, 2011

Laughter is the Best Medicine!

BlogSpot I've missed you!
Wow... March! Has it really been since March?
I'm not even typing this now. I will officially be returning to That Shannon in August. Consider this your That Shannon 'teaser.'
I haven't been feeling well. Only now, have I been feeling better. If you've read my previous posts, you know I have psoriasis. My psoriasis had evolved into psoriatic arthritis. I had had minor symptoms of psoriatic arthritis in the past. However, more recently, the symptoms were not so minor. Painful! Exhausting! Debilitating!
I'm blessed to be on Humira, which seems to be improving everything. The skin, the joint pain, the swelling, the nails; well...... all of it. My doc was convinced that because I was such a hot mess, Humira would give me a quicker result than my previous prescribed drug, Enbrel. "Why did you go off Enbrel?", you ask. Lack of a full time job (thanks to budget cuts in 2009 with a company I had been with for almost 10 years), resulted in lack of health insurance. Lack of health insurance, resulted in no Enbrel.
I was actually testing my body too, to see how long before the drug would be NEEDED. The answer... One year. Thanks to Cobra I could continue for a while, but, ran dry of coverage May 2010. Been on Humira since May 2011. I am so very grateful. The joint pain and swelling have decreased tremendously, the skin looks almost flawless and the nails are coming along too!
I went to the gym today. Not my first day back, but still felt foreign to me. Not as comfortable as I once was. I am going more often though, so, in time...
I'm thankful for the Advil I have on hand, every time I go. It assists with the inevitable swelling.
I missed the gym these last several months. I missed looking and feeling normal. I do NOT miss feeling like I was beat up every day in a boxing ring. I know there are worse things to be diagnosed with. I would never try to make light of someone diagnosed with a serious illness or disease. I can only make light of and make fun of myself and my experiences.
Laughter really is the best medicine! And Advil!!! And Humira!!!!!!