Friday, December 2, 2011

Tis the Season

December...... How are you?
The leaves were absolutely beautiful this fall. More beautiful than I remember in my four years in Georgia. The leaves are on the ground now, leaving the trees naked and cold. There is something beautiful about a bare tree in the overcast winter months. Vulnerable in its appearance, yet oddly impressive with its strength and its patience to just stand there and wait. Waiting for spring to arrive and provide it with a whole new wardrobe of leaves.
Spring is beautiful. However, the colors of fall make my eyes dance with happiness!
December is a hectic month for most. A month of spending beyond our means for gifts to clutter the home, collect dust and that may only be used, appreciated and enjoyed for only a month or two. Items we're bound to donate to Goodwill or will part with at a garage sale for .50 a year or so later. Granted, we were asking $2 for that item, but we got tired of arguing and settled for .50; not even two quarters, but three dimes, one nickel and fifteen pennies.
December is filled with yummy homemade goodies, menus that impress and lots of very merry hot totties; or for the less domestic, several party platters and a keg! Eat it up kids. That's the holiday mentality..... Eat now and start the diet January 1st! Why break tradition!
I think many are scaling back with their gift giving, aren't we all broke? Hopefully no one scales back with their unconditional love and appreciation for wonderful family and friends.
A very merry to ya!
May you share in memories, love and laughter this December.... and everyday!