Thursday, December 30, 2010

Your 365 Mondays Await You............ Happy New Year!

Period, six days late. Cramps are relentless. Too tired to even given into cravings. Wish I had stock in both Advil and Excedrine Migraine.
As many would agree; it was a wonderful Christmas, but, so glad it's over.
Now, as many are doing, it's time to focus on a New Year. Time to channel optimism, discover a renewed faith for a more rewarding day and attempt to stay focused on things you may want to improve upon. Time for reflection, and truly acknowledging if you are the person you want to be. I mean, you are who you are. But, are you the person you really want to be?
Why these notions don't take place on a Tuesday in June, is beyond me. Really though, who ever asks about your June Resolutions?
The diets, the working out, the quiting smoking, the quiting drinking; all the pros and cons of the vices that we allow to consume us. With these, just to name a few (and the more obvious), we usually 'start on Monday.' Monday is typically the day where there's an attempt to kick old habits and start new and improved lifestyles. Then fifty-two Mondays go by, and now our New Years Resolution List is created. A little longer than we thought; even longer for the true procrastinators.
I myself am an improving procrastinator.
"Hello, My name is Shannon and I am an improving procrastinator."
Here's an early toast (as i raise my invisible glass of nothing), that you have a wonderful 2011. Make the most of it... or at least do what I'm doing.... make every day a Monday! And no, not a "Manic Monday" per The Bangles and not a "Rainy Day Monday" per The Carpenter's. But, a 'start' Monday, per this blog contribution!

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