Tuesday, October 4, 2011

PMS Pepsi Motivates Shannon

August.... Done! September...... Outta Here! October..... Almost 5 days in........ Welcome! Welcome October!
I love Fall! Love it! The slight drop in temperature is more than welcome. The air is crisp! The leaves are changing! Football, Chili-Cook-Offs, Craft Fairs and Fall Festivals. Then there's the really FUN stuff.... Hayrides, Corn Mazes and Everything Pumpkin!!! Pumpkin, a true Fall staple; whether carving it, bedazzling it, drawing faces on it or cooking with it; we'll see it and more than likely be tasting it, for the next three months. Yummmmmmm!
Time to spend more time outside. A favorite mantra of mine, "Step outside and take in the view." Of course, this time of year, you should grab a sweater first. Stepping outside is easier said than done. Hectic schedules, demands of children, spouses, career.... etc........ Before you know it, October is November. Much like my August and September.... GONE!!!
Here's hoping that October doesn't pass us too quickly. May your October be a memorable one.
I spent some quality time in the gym in August and throughout September, not only for weight loss benefits, but for true conditioning. Humira is a Godsend for my Psoriatic Arthritis, but, keeping the body moving is just as essential. October will be no different. It can be discouraging to see loss in inches, but not pounds. The inches are definitely decreasing, but the pounds have found themselves a home and are reluctant to pack up and move out. I've even presented an eviction notice, but my certified delivery has been returned to sender! Damn freeloaders!!!
Menu, also a work in progress, is also improving. I stumble upon new favorites from time to time; Sabra Hummus, Stacey's Chips, fresh red grapefruit and a delicious mexican soup recipe with chicken breast, brown rice, red onion, avocado, cilantro and lime. Then I find myself returning to old favorites and sometimes old habits; Chobani Greek Yogurt, Tilapia, Laughing Cow Cheese and PEPSI! I still love Pepsi! I love my water too... with lemon. But, I LOVE Pepsi. I love the way it talks to me when it hits the ice and when it tickles my face from the carbonation. It just makes me happy! Although, I'm happy to report that my Pepsi intake has decreased substantially. Except that dreaded PMS week...... because Pepsi Motivates Shannon. There's a PMS for you!!! And ironically, that week is this week. I find myself feeling bloated and blah! (and no, i haven't guzzled the Pepsi like i've wanted to, i had ONE today) Weight: a very robust and assy 224. Assy, as that's where the weight is parked. Note: not in neutral, but parked!!! I can gain anywhere from 3lbs to 12lbs the week of my period. So far, I'm up 8! EIGHT!!! Feels like EIGHTY!!!!!! However, inches are still absent!!! So, another favorite mantra to share, "It's all good!" (and getting better)

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